Un-Expectations! Were we ready for this?

Un-Expectations! Were we ready for this? I mean I expected some issues but this is LAME! Most of you know that we have had a few set backs over the last 2 weeks and actually had to cancel the kick-off to our maiden voyage. We are currently staying in a hotel in Mesa, AZ awaiting... Continue Reading →

The PURGE has begun!

I think the main reason I/we have decided to minimalize our lives is because our stuff is making me Closter phobic! One day I looked around our home and all the stuff we have accumulated has no meaning and we just drag our stuff around with us from place to place while gathering more stuff!... Continue Reading →


With traveling for a living or even traveling for fun comes expense. I have gathered a list of free and fun things to do while traveling to different areas! We love to track down history spots and learn about the history of our country and everything in between! What an adventure this will be! Please... Continue Reading →

What’s that smell!

Having an issue with the smell from your black tank? I know it can be a bit frustrating when you have tried so many things to help but are limited on what you can use as well. I use a couple things to help with both smell and break down and it seems to be... Continue Reading →

Chalk Paint … DIY

After repainting all of the cabinets (trying to get rid of all that plain wood) I decided that I will go ahead and paint all of the vinyl walls as well. SO HAPPY I DID! WOW do they look better. I didn't think it would make that much of a difference but it's definitely a... Continue Reading →


It's the simple things that make life easier when traveling or full-timing in a small space. Below I have listed a ton of things that make living in our RV or small home simple and organized. We all know how it can get cramped up pretty fast in a small place with people and pets!... Continue Reading →

Just for fun!

I wasn't going to post the remodel of Stormy but just for fun I though why not. Someone may get some ideas from it and I just loved how it turned out. I just wish I had more before picture but for some reason I cannot find them, oops! We changed all the hardware from... Continue Reading →

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