1st Step – 1st Trip!

I began by figuring out our finances and what I needed to start paying down immediately that would be most beneficial to our plan. I purchased the planner The Happy Planner My Life 24 Month Box Classic Kit January 2017 – December 2018 with Stickers Washi Pens. I also purchased the budget inserts and that way I could be organized at every step. me & my BIG ideas HOM-02 The Happy Planner Classic Planner Extension,Home Budget Edition (couldn’t help myself because they were so cute!) right away started planning and budgeting just how I could make this happen for us.

After much though and going over our budget and what we wanted to accomplish I decided that we had to purchase our motorhome and start the process of fitting that into the plan. We had originally wanted to go with a class C motorhome but quickly realized that would just not have enough room for us to live in full time. So we purchased our shorty! It was a 1996 Class A Fleetwood Storm 30′ and we were super excited to have made this purchase … one step closer. Make sure to do a lot of research on motorhomes and find the best fit for yourself before you jump in. You will know why I say this later in my blogs but I am hoping this will bring you to understand the importance!

So we are excited to have our first motorhome and I started remodeling it right away. I first trip was coming up in just a few weeks to Kartchner Caverns – https://azstateparks.com/kartchner. So we worked diligently getting our new home looking new and Steven replacing a lot of mechanical things he thought would help and make our trip that much more safe. Seeing how we didn’t know a lot about the motorhome and its treatment we wanted to make sure we were comfortable traveling in it and anything we could think of was taken care of.

I remodeled most of the motorhome before the trip and off we go! 00P0P_4xIZCvdLe3e_1200x900 - Copy

Camping in Kartchner was so AWESOME! It gave us the feeling of being independent and FREE! Imagining what life could be like just living in our RV and taking in all we could. Although we were brand new to the class A world of the motorhome and at times very leery of actually “living” in it we tried our best. Since the camping grounds had great bathrooms and included huge showers … we had an out and didn’t use our bathroom much at all. (seriously intimidated of the black tank) Never actually used the black tank in stormy but only because we didn’t want to empty it.

In the middle of the night!

We heard something hitting the side of the motorhome and went to check but Steven didn’t see anything. The next day we were on our way to home and again heard something hitting the side of the motorhome. We had to stop and check it out because it was really loud. We quickly realized … the roof had ripped off and that’s exactly what we heard the night before. The picture below is after we thought we were going to be able to fix it ourselves. We would soon find out that we were in over our heads and needed a professional for this job.

So Kids as I said early … Do your research and know what to look for!! IMG_0716.JPG



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