Boon-docking? Why? Where?

506158434_ad078fd1e4_bWhat is Boondocking? … Off the grid, Off the cord, Dispersed Camping, Dry Camping or Wild Camping are all names for camping or RV‘ing without any hook ups (water, electric or sewer)

I am really hoping to fill this page with some awesome tips on boondocking.  Of course I started with some google searches and books like RV Boondocking Basics: Living Well on the Road Less Graveled. Great book with lots of info to get you started. There is so much info on living off of the grid and trying new things to lessen your need to be connected… literally.

We have yet to be able to take off and boondock because we are building a nest and learning to be debt free. We are so close to living our dream it almost feels unreachable. By this time next year (June 2018) we should be on our way to living our dream and seeing the country in our motorhome!

This started out as my 5 year plan to just move up north into cooler air and less commotion but it has changed a bit since meeting my husband and super excited that it has now changed in to a plan to actually be debt free, monotony free, and fancy free! It has turned into a 6 year plan to give all of our kids 1 year to figure out what they are doing … and do it. We currently have a 19 year old, (20 18 year olds, and a 17 year old at home. The last two graduated last May and thus began the year they have to get it together. Seems to be slow going but I have faith that all will work out for them and their own dreams will happen. Our lease ends June 2018 and at that point we will not be tied to a lease or renting form someone else for the first time in over 30 years! What a great feeling that will be and even better will be the feeling of being able to do and go wherever we want to … whenever we want to! This is where boon-docking will become our lives and I am guessing dreams will start to come true for us as well.

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