#2 ( Winnie) – Chalk Paint!

As I mentioned we have our #2! Now I need to basically start all over! Super excited about this one and all I have leaned since my last remodel with certainly save me some time and money. The one thing I realized from the last remodel was that I need to go room to room and not try and do the entire motorhome in one fail swoop. It was a lot of work and so much had to be finished in order to even use it in between.

I found chalk paint! With chalk paint there is no sanding (unless you want to) no prep expect to wipe everything down with a good cleaner like Dap 63004 TSP All Purpose Cleaner, 4-Pound. Great stuff and takes off any oils from the doors/drawers. I personally didn’t take off any of the cabinet doors because I wanted to paint over the hinges. Chalk paint works awesome on motorhome cabinets, drawers, and walls. I went with Chalk Mountain Supply Quality Chalk Furniture Paint- NON TOXIC-SAFE TO USE INDOORS- Superior Coverage-LOW ODOR & ZERO VOC (16oz) 8. I purchased several different colors so I could play around with the colors and see what I liked best. My first project was a chair I bought for $25 at goodwill and I used these colors to try it out for the first time. You can get a tester size here TEST our PAINT TODAY!!! Chalk Mountain Quality Chalk Furniture Paint(1) – 6oz Sample – 44 Beachy & Earthy Colors – Zero VOC & Low ODOR – 16. I started with #3 and #9 for the chair below. Since I had never used chalk paint nor painted fabric I tried it out on this chair. It turned awesome for my first stab at it. Now I am addicted to chalk painting! I went on to do a table and chairs and I have not even started the motorhome project, lol! With chalk paint does come a little expense to get started. You also need the wax and the correct brushes to get the effects you want. I started with the clear wax and the recommended brushes. Chalk Mountain Brushes – Large Boar Hair Bristle Paint Brush & Large Palm Wax, upholstery &/or Stencil Brush – Designed by Chalk Mountain for Maxiumum comfort Chalk Mountain 100% All Natural 16oz Furniture Finishing Waxes. SAFE TO USE INDOORS.. I LOVE Mountain Chalk products because they are non-toxic and if need be can be used indoors. Plus they are so so simple to use. I will post pics of the motorhome as soon as I can!

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