Introducing …. Winnie!

As you know now we sold our Stormy and purchased a bigger motorhome. As much as we loved Stormy we knew we would not be happy in her fulltime. We needed just a little more room and I need a bit bigger kitchen. So we went for it! I am in the process of remodeling her as I did with Stormy but wanted to share her before pics. As you can see she needs a major update and I am just the person to do it! Here we go!

I have a ton of the remodeling done as of today but she is currently off getting new floors, new shower, inverter installed, new surround sound, and solar power! We are extremely excited to get her finished and be full-timing in about 10 months time! Updates to come!


3 thoughts on “Introducing …. Winnie!

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  1. Hi Daughter, I’m glad you have the need for change, adventure and the excitement that comes from exploration. Can’t wait to follow you on the hiatus to travel. I’m sure it will be as if I will be with you both and I will be of course in spirit. Love You, Dad


    1. Thank you Dad! We are super Excited to share our adventures with everyone. We feel like we are already on an adventure getting the motorhome all ready! It’s been super fun! Stay tuned! XOXOXXO


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