Just for fun!

I wasn’t going to post the remodel of Stormy but just for fun I though why not. Someone may get some ideas from it and I just loved how it turned out. I just wish I had more before picture but for some reason I cannot find them, oops!

We changed all the hardware from the normal brass to all brushed silver and wow what a difference that made! We changed the lighting to the cute little lamp style ones pictured, painted all the cabinets and trim, wallpapered a few things like the bathroom door and a few cabinets. Took out the old carpeting and since we knew by then we were going to sell her we just put in some indoor outdoor carpet for the new owners. I covered all of the wallpaper border with some cute sticky tiles as I had shown in a previous post. I just had so much fun with it. Can’t wait to show off Winnie when she is all done … I was sure to keep lots of before so you can see the dramatic changes! I had a lot of fun redoing the backsplash with some sheets of tin and magnetic seasoning holders, super adorable and so easy to make. With the table and the kitchen counter I took off all of the Formica that was on them and just sanding a little to get the roughness off. Then because I wanted to keep the natural wood look I decided to used this epoxy kit TotalBoat 5:1 Epoxy Kit (Quart, Fast Hardener) to cover it and brighten up the wood color. I also had the great idea of putting in the USA map under it! Wall Pops DWPK2179 Beach Lover Us Map Decal. It came out even better then I imagined! I also used some of the decorative metal sheets M-D Building Products 57324 Decorative Cloverleaf Aluminum Sheet

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