Great Place for Dry Camping and Riding!!

If you love history – You will love this area .. Superior, AZ off of Silver King Mine Rd / Happy Camp Rd

Dry Camp.JPG

We decided to do a short camping trip out to Superior, AZ with some friends and family for Thanksgiving this year. Since we had not been to this area in quit some time and would be dry camping we decided to take a day trip out (because it’s super close to where we live) and check out the area for the motorhome. All looked well so we decided to go for it and bring the crew out.

The area is very interesting because it has a ton of history. There is 2 very old cemetery’s here in the area and one happens to be where Mattie Earp is buried – Historic Pinal Cemetery in Superior, AZ. We actually set up camp right down the road from the cemetery. It’s actually kind of sad that these old graves are here with not much of a known presence. Most of the graves are merely stones painted white so you know there is someone buried there. There’s even a grave of 3 children with toys and money scattered on it. Seems that some do come and pay visit to the area but it is a huge off OHV area. We found the second gave site way up on a hill in a very decollate location. You would not even know it’s there had my friend Victoria not been told it was there somewhere. This area is so rich with history it makes you want to know more about the people and history of it all. Both of the cemetery’s are pictured below.

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With that said, what an awesome Thanksgiving this year. It was a small crowd but we had a blast riding up ad through al of the mountains. The first day we took some pretty crazy roads and found ourselves atop a massive mountain looking out over were we just came from – PicketPost Mountain can be seen on just about the entire ride. We were supposed to make it all the way to Ajax Mine but turned back when almost there due to the time we had left in the day, next time for sure!

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Our second long ride was out and around Montana Mountain – This is a very busy are for OHV but wasn’t to bad for the most part. We had the pleasure of my dad “Smitty” showing us the area (he’s on the quad) I give it to him because a long ride like that on a 4 wheeler takes it’s toll on your arms! Thanks Dad! He has some great stops along the way, an old mining area with rock houses, couple mine shafts, and another very cool house built right up against some huge boulders. I guess when we were little he had brought us here many times. Another great adventure and can’t wait for the next one!

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