The PURGE has begun!

I think the main reason I/we have decided to minimalize our lives is because our stuff is making me Closter phobic! One day I looked around our home and all the stuff we have accumulated has no meaning and we just drag our stuff around with us from place to place while gathering more stuff! I want some meaningful memories not just stuff! I don’t need all of this stuff and it’s actually making me unhappy all around.

As we are getting closer and closer to the day we leave behind a S/B and move into our house on wheels I feel a bit stressed and overwhelmed by all that needs to be accomplished prior to that. But here we go! We have exactly 4 months, 27 days, 13 hours, 45 mins, 12 seconds until we are out on our own! The purging must begin!

Because it was so overwhelming to me I started small by ….

  1. Every time I walk by something that I know will not be useful to me or any of the kids, I put it in a box! Garage Sale! I can say I have done a little purging this way but not near enough. I need to start getting serious.
  2. We have cleared out the garage and started to set it up for many garage sales to come. There’s no way we can just have one. Not only do we need to get rid of everything, we need to make some money as well. So having multiple garage sales will ensure this and whatever is left will get donated.
  3. Make a space for your keeps, at some point you may go back into a S/B and not having to start all over will be a good thing. But we must keep this small and only keep things that would be a large cost to us later…. IE furniture, TV’s, family photos, etc. Plus we want to keep a storage space to a minimum for the additional monthly payment.
  4. Start the keep pile for the kidos. (Our kids still live with us as they are only beginning life but we are too!) Lucky we have extra rooms so we can keep this from also cluttering up the house while trying to feel like we are accomplishing something.
  5. After you purge, purge AGIAN! Then purge AGAIN! We have so many things we keep for the memories. You will go through it and think to yourself why did I want this again? You will fight yourself on what really matters and in the end just start putting it all in the sale pile. You will feel amazing after!
  6. If you have something that you really love because of a memory – Take a picture of it! You will always have that memory! If you have the time and money, put all your family photos on disks or memory sticks. They are easier to look at that way and you can always make a slide show to play! How fun is that!

This will definitely be one of the hardest things I/we have ever done but the freedom I will get out of this is priceless! Every time I put something in the box I feel lighter and it’s only going to feel better and better …. and I will become a balloon floating in the sky, lol. I hope I get to that point! We can do this and so can you! More to come!

The one thing I have to KEEP telling myself is, YOU’RE GETTING RID OF STUFF! YOU DON’T NEED IT! I even have to still tell myself that in a store … Not good! Sometimes when I start purging things I feel lighter like I should go and now fill that space! NO! NO! NO! It’s ok to let go and not replace it. When I am in our motorhome I literally feel like there’s nothing I need and there’s nothing outside. It’s the craziest feeling sometimes but I want to feel that way all the time and I will!

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