Un-Expectations! Were we ready for this?

Un-Expectations! Were we ready for this? I mean I expected some issues but this is LAME!

Most of you know that we have had a few set backs over the last 2 weeks and actually had to cancel the kick-off to our maiden voyage. We are currently staying in a hotel in Mesa, AZ awaiting repair completion on our Winnie. We noticed a leak in the seal that we had just done in the rear end and the issues just kept presenting themselves over night. We had the leak, the refrigerator stopped working, the slide wouldn’t close all the way on one side, and the A/C was acting funny!

Took her to the shop to fix the leak, warranty the refrigerator (parts only ☹), adjust slide (piece of wood stuck?) and new generator! Yes, a new generator! Late last year the basement air went out, luckily, I did buy and extended warranty and they had to replace the AC unit entirely due availability of parts. Well the AC unit they put in was basically an upgrade to our system and thus the need for the new geni! If I had the AC running and tried to use anything else the air would blow warm air and we couldn’t have that!

The 2 weeks we have been stuck here has really been trying and makes me appreciate what we do have when we have it. Going from place to place and being displaced is more than I can handle but just taking it day by day. Not only have we been displaced and Winnie in the shop I was the victim of fraud on my checking account for over $3900 and then charged $640 for a room that we didn’t even stay in because they kicked us out for the dogs we checked in with. I know now that we will be judged for our appearance now more than ever. Being as tattooed as we are can sometimes be humbling and irritating at the same time. But I could also just be judging myself or them for thinking they judged me, hmmm. That is why we are out on an adventure to see people and meet things? LOL YEP!

In any case we should be taking our Winnie back tomorrow afternoon, crossing our fingers big time!! The puppers are bored and I need to reorganize again! Feeling a bit closed in and that is the complete opposite feeling we are looking for!

UPDATE! Not good news …. We were just told everything they are trying is not working and the fridge will not stay cold enough unless it’s plugged in. That just doesn’t work since we want to be able to boondock, so we wait another week! Sad Face ….. but chin up! Everything Happens for a reason, I just wish I could figure this one out.

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