About us!

Hello all and thank you so much for your interest in our blog!

Steven and I met on-line a little over 4 years ago after being in very long and emotionally challenging relationships. We both came into the relationship with children from our pervious marriages. He with 2 boys and I with a daughter, we also have older children that are no longer in the home. Right away we hit it off and had some friends in common from the past. So that was a really neat start for us. Right away all 5 of us got along so well it was like we knew each other for years. BTW, we both obviously love tattoos but Steven literally had none when we met. I introduced him to my artist and away we went covering the canvas!

In May of 2015 Steven asked me to marry him and we were married later that year on the anniversary of our first date (12/30/15). We were married in Las Vegas at the Valley of Fire state park. We wanted something special and low key at the same time. We invited our closest friends and family and also celebrated New Years on Fremont Street!

So now that our kidos are about to graduate, last 2 anyway, we are ready for the next step in our lives and have begun to plan out a 6 month long road trip! BEYOND EXCITED! So this blog is basically going to cover how we get to that goal, achieving that goal, and our amazing travels to come! Hope to have you along for the RIDE!


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