Introducing …. Winnie!

As you know now we sold our Stormy and purchased a bigger motorhome. As much as we loved Stormy we knew we would not be happy in her fulltime. We needed just a little more room and I need a bit bigger kitchen. So we went for it! I am in the process of remodeling... Continue Reading →

# 1 (Stormy) SOLD!!

On my previous post I told you about our first trip out and the roof coming off while driving home. While deciding what to do and if insurance was going to cover it or we were going to have to figure this out on our own we decided to fix the roof and buy a... Continue Reading →

#2 ( Winnie) – Chalk Paint!

As I mentioned we have our #2! Now I need to basically start all over! Super excited about this one and all I have leaned since my last remodel with certainly save me some time and money. The one thing I realized from the last remodel was that I need to go room to room... Continue Reading →

Boon-docking? Why? Where?

What is Boondocking? ... Off the grid, Off the cord, Dispersed Camping, Dry Camping or Wild Camping are all names for camping or RV'ing without any hook ups (water, electric or sewer) I am really hoping to fill this page with some awesome tips on boondocking.  Of course I started with some google searches and books like... Continue Reading →

1st Step – 1st Trip!

I began by figuring out our finances and what I needed to start paying down immediately that would be most beneficial to our plan. I purchased the planner The Happy Planner My Life 24 Month Box Classic Kit January 2017 - December 2018 with Stickers Washi Pens. I also purchased the budget inserts and that way... Continue Reading →

As it gets closer and closer to the last (2) of our 5 kids graduating and finishing school my thoughts start to wander. I imagine what the next few years would be like still working a 9-5 and our kids still living with us and us basically carrying every one. I felt immediately irritated, lol!... Continue Reading →

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